Thursday, July 7, 2011

The preening pony

I have not posted on this my most sorely neglected blog for some time. So I am going to pay it some token attention by writing stuff about a whole bunch of 1980's images. And there are none quiet so ripe for mockery as this.

Where do I start? The floofy mullet? the quasi-ruby-tinted-aviators? The shirt? his lack of humility of modesty re: putting the guns on show front and centre. Most disturbing is the fact there is a baby in the far left of the shot,. A baby on the very far left as not to impinge on the lime light directed at Mr Stalone. As to guessing the vintage of the picture I am guessing between Rocky III and Rocky IV.

So why didn't anyone Sylvester Stalone seriously as an actor and director for so long?

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