Monday, July 11, 2011

Down by the Bay

Another in a what will soon be a series of brief Blogs about1980's pics brings us to...'THE BAY' apparently. Which begs the question, what kind of bay? Obviously not many mean streets, or even mildly offensive ones in the vicinity of 'The Bay'. Maybe there are no roads at all near this fabled 'Bay', just canals filled with gleaming yachts with people making important calls on on brick phones and talking about the crystal clear sound emanating from their on board and exclusively new CD player. Perhaps they are looking for a boat or admiring one of several that they own with the money they made as bonds traders on Wall St. But I would like to  believe that Chad Smythe-racecar (red jacket) and Whitfield 'Whit' StPrigg (white outfit) both of whose names I just made up, are having the following conversation;

Chad: I say, when is that yacht coming past to bring us our Rick Astley tickets and take us by Yacht to the concert?

Whit: I dunno. But man, when they do, that is gonna be one smooth show (does awkward movement / gesture, pictured)

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